About Us

GripFactory was created by a merger of a number of companies . Each with its own specialization in the field of anti-slip. This allows us to provide a anti-slip solution for every surface directly directly from the factory. With our years of service, we know better than anyone what works and what does not work in the area of anti-slip floors and stairs. The anti-slip products we offer have been developed or improved by us and are all unique. We can therefore advise you better than anyone else on the best solution for your slipperiness problem. On any surface. GripFactory works with various production locations worldwide that manufacture our wide range of anti-slip solutions exclusively for us. This allows us to offer the most competitive rates and specific adjustments to the product for your specific application are also no problem.

The five certainties of GripFactory

  • Guarantee. With us you can count on maximum warranty.

  • Safety. Our anti-slip solutions meet the most stringent requirements.
  • Speed. Your floor or staircase is ready for use immediately after treatment without dust or noise.

  • Easy to maintain. Treated floors and stairs are hygienic and very easy to keep clean.

  • Price. With us you can always count on the best price / quality ratio.

The three unique guarantees from GripFactory

  • Knowledge Guarantee. GripFactory has in-depth knowledge of its products and their application. We are aware of national and international laws and regulations about making floors and stairs safe in all sectors. This allows our advisors to always give you the ideal advice. Guaranteed!
  • Choice of warranty. At GripFactory you can choose from a wide range of anti-slip solutions. This allows us to deliver the ideal anti-slip product for every situation and for every surface. Guaranteed!
  • Quality Assurance. GripFactory only supplies anti-slip products with a high quality. We believe that you must be able to rely on our quality day and night. To ensure this, we work together with the best manufacturers, high-quality materials and specialized and enthusiastic employees. That’s why we dare to give years of warranty. Guaranteed!