GripFactory MicroGrip

GripFactory MicroGrip

GripFactory MicroGrip is the invisible anti-slip solution against smooth and / or damp floors, stairs and other surfaces made of concrete, ceramic tiles and marble. GripFactory MicroGrip is a liquid (GRIPliquid) that creates microscopically small grooves in the top layer of the smooth floor. After a treatment with GripFactory MicroGrip, nothing is optically altered on your floor, but the water can now drain easily under shoe soles or car tires, resulting in more grip and minimizing chances of accidents or sliders.


The floor (concrete, ceramic tiles, marble) needs to be thoroughly cleaned with our supplied detergent, after which the surface can be treated with GripFactory MicroGrip. GripFactory MicroGrip must work for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Then the floor should be thoroughly cleaned again to remove all excess liquids. After the anti-slip treatment with GripFactory MicroGrip, the floor is immediately accessible again.

Easy to clean

Surfaces that have been treated with GripFactory MicroGrip are easy to clean. You therefore do not have to make an adjustment in your normal maintenance activities.

Private label

GripFactory MicroGrip is available in a professional packaging for large consumers and smaller consumer packaging for making smaller surfaces anti-slip. There is also the possibility to get GripFactory MicroGrip in a private label package. Please contact one of our anti-slip advisers for this.


  • Can be walked on immediately after application
  • No chemical fumes when applied and afterwards
  • Durable (5 year guarantee, ask for the conditions)
  • Invisible end result
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cheaper than coating
  • Including deep cleaning

Suitable for

  • Galleries
  • Stadiums
  • (Parking) garages
  • Concrete stairs
  • Train stations
  • (Hotel) lobbies
  • Factory halls
  • Warehouses

GripFactory MicroGrip is the most efficient anti-slip solution for concrete and marble surfaces available on the market and makes your smooth surface safe to use.

Below you will find important information about GripFactory MicroGrip in PDF format.

  • Manual GripFactory MicroGrip Concrete (NL | EN)
  • Manual GripFactory MicroGrip Tiles (NL | EN)
  • Manual GripFactory MicroGrip Marble (NL | EN)
  • Safety Data Sheet GripFactory MicroGrip Concrete (NL | EN)
  • Safety Data Sheet GripFactory MicroGrip Tiles (NL | EN)
  • Safety Data Sheet GripFactory MicroGrip Marble (NL | EN)

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