GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape

GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape

Tape for handrails becomes an essential part of a modern workplace or public environment. GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape is the solution for providing handrails and balustrades with an anti-slip layer. GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape is very easy to apply yourself. Due to the special surface structure, this anti-slip tape has an extremely high anti-slip value but is still very clean to keep.

Easy to apply

GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape can be applied directly to handrails inside and outside. The material is water-repellent, so the surface cannot freeze. However, it is important that the surface on which the Anti-Slip Handrail Tape is applied to is clean and dry and free from contaminants.

Optimum friction coefficient

GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape has a symmetrical pattern because it is aesthetically attractive and on the other hand has a high level of friction coefficient. Because of this, our Anti-Slip Handrail Tape is not only suitable for an industrial application where it guarantees that all safety requirements are met, but also in public buildings the Anti-Slip Handrail Tape does not affect the environment.

Easy to clean

For an optimal insulating effect and to prevent the Anti-Slip Handail Tape from feeling cold, it is equipped with an upper layer of plastic foil. The plastic film works as a fantastic insulator that prevents cold penetration into the user’s hand. An additional advantage is that the Anti-Slip Handrail Tape is not abrasive and it can be easily cleaned using all available cleaning methods. GripFactory Anti-Slip Stair Handrail Tape feels like a rubber product, but has the superior shape durability of plastic.


With GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape you are assured of a long-term solution against sliding surfaces.

  • Hygienic
  • Easy to apply
  • Removable
  • Sustainable
  • Cut to size yourself

Suitable for

  • Stairs
  • Intermediate platforms

Technical data

CompositionPVC Top and PET base
Total thickness applied1.11 mm
Adhesive thickness0.1 mm
Material thickness0.8 mm
Total thickness0.9 mm
Type of glueSolvent acrylic
Adhesive Force (kg/25.4 mm)6,25
Cohesion (minutes/25 degrees C)2812
Adhesion to steel (kg/25.4 mm)5,716
Maximum size of production roll1370 mm x 100 m
Lifetime (months)24

Friction coefficient

TestDry substrateWet surface

The above tests were performed in accordance with the CTIOA-pendulum method using a four S-rubber slide. The tests were carried out in a recognized independent friction test laboratory. CTIOA is a dynamic test. For static tests We also performed results via ASTM C 1028-96.

Below you will find important information about GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape in PDF format.

  • Safety Data Sheet GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape (NL | EN)

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