GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray

GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray

GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray is the invisible anti-slip solution against smooth and / or damp tile floors, stairs and other surfaces. GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray is applied directly to the tile without deep cleaning. After a few minutes, it is neutralized with water. By means of this simple method it is possible to make large surfaces non-slip in relatively little time. The inconvenience is minimal and because no deep cleaning is necessary, you also save on the cost of making your floor or stairs anti-slip.

GripFactory Anti-slip Tile spray is fully walkable only a few minutes after application, even with bare feet. The product is also environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and does not contain hazardous solvents or toxic chemicals. In addition, the unique formula inhibits the build-up of harmful bacteria. This product can be used wherever wet and slippery floors pose a risk to guests, visitors and / or staff.

Operation GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray

The titanium molecules attach themselves to the surface of the tile and provide a durable layer that, in addition to an anti-slip effect, also offers protection to the tile itself. The treatment does not affect the original aspect of the tile and therefore the result is not visible, but clearly tangible. The system is ideal for ceramic tiles, but also works on marble and natural stone surfaces. Thanks to the unique method (spray-rinsing-ready) you will be ready faster (less inconvenience) and you will save enormously on the costs. It works within 5 minutes and is immediately walkable.

Easy to clean

For optimal and long-term operation, we recommend periodically cleaning the treated floor with a soap-free degreaser (for example, the GripFactory TitaniumGrip Cleaner) for optimal operation and maintaining the anti-slip values.

Private label

GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray is available in a ready-made consumer packaging and a professional packaging for large-scale users. There is also the possibility to get GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray in a private label packaging. Please contact one of our anti-slip advisers for this.


  • Works within 3 to 5 minutes
  • Can be walked on immediately after application
  • No chemical fumes when applied and afterwards
  • Durable (5 year guarantee, ask for the conditions)
  • Invisible end result
  • Protects the tile
  • Easy to maintain

Suitable for

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Natural stone
  • Polished tiles

GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile spray is the most hygienic anti-slip solution available on the market and makes your slippery surfaces safely passable again.

Below you will find important information about GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray in PDF format.

  • Datasheet GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray (NL | EN)
  • Manual GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray (NL | EN)
  • Safety Data Sheet GripFactory Anti-Slip Tile Spray (NL | EN)

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