Anti-slip solutions for floors and stairs

Every year millions of people end up in the hospital due to a fall due to slipping. Slippery floors due to moisture, chemicals or greases are a major cause of this type of accident. Our professional anti-slip solutions are the solution against all kinds of smooth floors. Requirements regarding floor safety are increasingly formulated and laid down in standards. As a result, the number of claims for damages has grown. GripFactory has a suitable anti-slip solution for practically every situation, developed or produced by us. Click on your surface or segment below and you will get an overview of the specific anti-slip products.

An anti-slip solution for all surfaces

GripFactory is the specialist in the field of anti-slip. Our products can be used both inside and outside. To support you with the search for the anti-slip solution that fits best, we have defined a number of common surfaces. Click on your surface below and you will get an overview of the specific anti-slip solutions. If your surface is not listed, you can of course contact us.













The product groups of GripFactory

GripFactory provides various anti-slip solutions for making floors and stairs in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, hotel lobbies, departure halls, gardens, parking garages, factory halls, drilling platforms, stairs, galleries, etc. safe and accessible. These solutions can be used for both private and business applications. Below you will find an overview of all product segments of GripFactory.


Our anti-slip fluids are unique in their kind. The method is simple and the result very durable. All types of tiles, natural stone and concrete can be made (virtually invisible) anti-slip and the final result meets the most stringent European standards at all times. A big advantage of the GripFactory products is that application is very simple. This means lower costs and less inconvenience. We offer clear user manuals for application, but if required we can perform the application for you. You will then receive a certificate with floor measurement including 5 years warranty!



In our factory in Carnoustie, Scotland, we make the strongest, most durable and versatile anti-slip solutions made from fiberglass reinforced polyester available in the market. Through our own recipe and working method we offer complete customization which meets the strictest standards in the field of floor safety. It is not for nothing that we deliver solutions for metro stations, offshore wind farms and factories throughout Europe. By using aluminum oxide instead of plastic, our products are suitable for all weather conditions. We have also developed unique production methods that make the product virtually indestructible. That’s why we give a 15-year warranty on these anti-slip solutions.



The anti-slip coating from GripFactory is suitable for many applications and surfaces. The adhesion is perfect on acrylics and polyester so that it is frequently used in the bathrooms and on boats. However, it also “perfectly” grazes on tile floors and epoxy. This makes it a very versatile solution. Because the coating is transparent, it can be used in many places.



Stairs come in many shapes and sizes. In our factory in Carnoustie we also produce a wide range of products for various types of stairs. From anti-slip ladder rungs and stair noses to complete stair treads, optionally with integrated (warning) text. Everything can be delivered to size in various thicknesses, grain sizes and colors. Thanks to our unique production process, we can color stair nosings through and through so wear is not visible. You get a whopping 15 year warranty. Take a look at the various product pages. In addition to project examples, you will also find all technical specifications and clear assembly instructions.



For a quick and effective solution, an anti-slip tape is often a solution. Even if little use is made of the space, such as on emergency stairs, for example, applying a tape can be an excellent and cost-saving anti-slip solution. Anti-slip tape can be applied to almost any surface, if desired with a primer. We offer a wide range of anti-slip tapes. We offer resellers opportunities for private label. This is already possible with small volumes. Do you want to know more? Feel free to ask us about the conditions.



To apply, clean or update our anti-slip solutions, different materials are required. You will find these with the accessories. From a grid clamp for securing a GRP stair tread to a pressure sprayer for the application of TitaniumGrip. Our sealant for GRIP strips on wooden surfaces has been tested as the best after years of intensive research. For the maintenance of treated floors, we recommend the soap-free cleaner, TitaniumGrip Cleaner. The products contain user manuals that state what is required for which application.


Prevention is better than cure!

Owners or managers of a floor, staircase or other surface inside or outside the building are liable for the safety of residents, visitors, passers-by, personnel or third parties. If you cannot prove that you have taken preventive measures to prevent slippage, you are liable and responsible. This can entail very high costs and is also not a good advertisement for your company, building, shopping centre or facility. With the anti-slip solutions from GripFactory you reduce the risk of slips and thus claims.

Anti-Slip webshop

In the GripFactory anti-slip webshop you will find a wide range of anti-slip solutions. All anti-slip solutions can easily be applied independently with the help of our online assembly manuals. Are you unable to find a solution, do you want a customized anti-slip solution or do you have any questions? Please contact the Service Desk of GripFactory (+ 31 348 203000). For an additional cost you can have GripFactory Anti-slip solutions applied by a certified applicator.

Are you a reseller or do you want to become a dealer of the anti-slip solutions from GripFactory? Then you can request a Dealer-login.

Benefit from the GripFactory experience

GripFactory has extensive experience in making various floors and stairs safer. To give you an impression of the possibilities that exist with our solutions, we have made an overview of executed projects. You can also click on the header portfolio at the top.

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