GripFactory SaniGrip is a transparent two-component polyurethane water-based coating. As a result, this anti-slip product adheres perfectly to all types of shower trays and bathtubs, tile floors and all types of acrylic, polyester and sheet steel. GripFactory SaniGrip comes in a handy package that contains everything for a correct and fast application. We also supply custom solutions for professional use. The coating can be removed with a remover without affecting the surface.

Hygienic anti-slip solution
Unlike many other anti-slip solutions (such as an anti-slip bath mat), GripFactory SaniGrip is a durable and hygienic anti-slip solution. Due to its unique properties dirt, grease, dirt and bacteria do not get a chance to adhere to the surface.

Easy to clean
For optimal and long-term operation, we recommend to periodically clean this coating with a soap-free degreaser (such as the GripFactory SaniGrip Cleaner) and launderer.

Easy to remove
GripFactory SaniGrip can easily be removed with a special remover (for example the GripFactory SaniGrip Remover) without affecting the surface. This will restore your tile floor, bath tub or shower tray to its original state.


  • Excellent anti-slip quality
  • Scratch resistant and durable
  • Surface is not affected
  • Maximum adhesion (class 0, ISO2409)
  • Easy to remove
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Hygienic anti-slip solution
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable coating
  • Safe to apply (water-based coating)
  • Available in transparent finish
  • No more bactericidal rubber mats needed
  • No unsightly adhesive strips with curling edges
  • No abrasives that damage the surface

Suitable for

  • Tile floors
  • Polyester
  • Concrete
  • Sheet steel bathtubs
  • Sheet steel shower trays
  • Acrylic bathtubs
  • Acrylic shower trays

GripFactory SaniGrip is the most versatile anti-slip solution available on the market and makes your slippery surfaces safely passable again.

GripFactory Application Service
Any questions or are you not entirely satisfied with the operation? Please contact the GripFactory Service Desk (+31 348-203000). For an additional fee, GripFactory SaniGrip can be applied by a certified applicator.

Important Documents:
Data Sheet GripFactory SaniGrip (NL | EN)
Manual GripFactory SaniGrip (NL | EN)
Safety Data Sheet GripFactory SaniGrip (NL | EN)
Safety Data Sheet GripFactory SaniGrip Hardener (NL | EN)