GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungs are made of polyester reinforced with fiberglass fibers (GRP) with an aluminum grain. By using these high-quality materials GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungs are very strong and resilient. GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungs are a sustainable solution for existing (smooth or worn) ladder sports. GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungs reduce the risk of slipping of ladders and increase the safety of the ladder due to the larger available surface area. You get a whopping 15 year warranty! Samples are available on request.

GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungs are virtually indestructible, completely splinter- and crack-free, and also weather-resistant. The lightweight material provides protection against rain and frost, as well as oil, chemicals and mud, increasing the safety of the facility. GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungsare available in any RAL color and can even be supplied with a luminescent finish for increased visibility in low light.


  • Impact-resistant – long durability
  • Effective in wet and oily conditions
  • Easy to assemble – reduces installation costs
  • Non-conductive – eliminates electrical and thermal hazards
  • Maintenance-free – will not rust or corrode
  • 65% lighter than steel – easier to handle and cheaper to install
  • Available from 2 mm thickness
  • Available in any BS or RAL color
  • Available to size
  • UV resistant
  • Chemically resistant

Technical data

GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Ruungscan be supplied in various fire resistance grains:

  • BS 476 Part 7 Class 1
  • BS 476 Part 7 Class 2

Thermal expansion:

  • 30 x 10^(-6) / deg. C


  • 193 MPa

Yellow is the standard color. GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungs can also be manufactured in other colors or in a ‘Glow in the Dark’ version (on request).

  • B.S. 4800 colors
  • B.S. 5252 colors
  • RAL colors


  • 123 MPa

Thermal conduction:

  • 0.2 w/m2K


GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungs are a cost-effective way to add extra safety features to your ladders, making them safer to climb. They can be quickly and easily installed over existing sports using kit such as “Purflex”.

Important Documents

Data Sheet GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungs (NL | EN)
Manual GripFactory PolyGrip Ladder Rungs (NL | EN)